Moeco people counter
Counters are designed to collect traffic data in stores, common areas, parking spots, public places like parks, squares, stations. Small and portable with long battery life (up to 12 months) and low price (under 15 USD per one device), it can be used in: «rick-and-mortar retail - for people traffic analysis.
Installed at the top of the entrance/exit, the camera counts visitors anonymously and accurately by analyzing stereoscopic images. A narrow slot on the body is needed to cut off the excess. The slit above the Fresnel lens divides the sensitivity zone of the pir sensor into left and right zones. According to which zone is triggered first and which second, the direction of movement is understood. It is powered by cr2032. Once installed and configured after installation, the camera is ready to use. From now on, visitor flows can be conveniently checked and analyzed using a mobile app.