Cherry Home. Smart camera
An AI-powered solution for the smartest and most-private home possible. You can see where your family members, pets, objects are located without wasting time scanning through empty rooms.
Cherry Home was sparked by a simple idea: we wanted to feel completely safe at home. That meant protecting from the outside world, creating a safer home inside, and not being spied on anywhere.
Cherry was positioned as not a surveillance system but rather a security sensor that allows you to control everything that happens in the house. The system knows all family members and is able to make smart decisions about notifications. The user does not need to analyze all the surveillance video. The system does it for him. The system is to be used inside and outside the house.
The user, of course, can change camera settings on the go. The main system advantage is full autonomy. No need to enable/disable the system when you leave and come back. It even works when you're home. The system is intelligent and will recognize its owners and the other folk.
To create a security sensor that is used indoors, and “Home unit" — the brain of Cherry. Wireless Sensors are attached to a wall or set on a horizontal surface (bookshelf, table). The sensor needs to be hung on an arm's length of the person who will use and maintain it to make the battery replacement convenient and easy.
Customer: Cherry Home
VP of hardvare: Mit Gorilovskiy
Industrial Design Direction: Alexey Dolgushin
Industrial design: Rafael Fakhretdinov, Petri Tuhkanen, Sergey Shlyakhov
Design Engineer: Vladimir Selyakhin, Artem Peshkov
UX Design: Ilya Aleksandrov

and others.
Woodenshark LLC
The user should be able to adjust the rotation of the lens in the vertical and horizontal axes. The sensor should not draw attention to itself, it needs to be as neutral as possible from a visual point of view and approach in a modern interior. The sensor can be used as a speaker and work in the dark.
The security sensor is autonomous, but it can be connected via USB or another type of wire to a power source. The battery should be easily removed and put back without moving the camera.
Concepts for prototyping.
Most suitable design concepts were selected for prototyping.