Boxy. Vending machine
Boxy is a table-top vending machine for AirBnB hosts or hotel apartments.
Guests buy goods from machine using their phone to communicate with device

Two versions were developed - Sector and Trust.
Trust is a version of Boxy machine with a transparent lid and built-in scales to control the type of the taken product.
Sector is a tower-like version of Boxy vending machine in a cylindrical body. Due to the sector-arranged storage a customer gets access only to the prepaid product just like in regular vending machines.
In the process of research, a key vision for the product was found. The vending machine should be minimalist and blend in seamlessly with the interior
Key vision

Guest comes to this machine and use his phone to choose product that he want to buy. Pay with phone and machine opens. He takes product he's bought and close the lid.

Different concepts
-Separate compartments for every item
-Automatic open and close
-Transparent “window"
-6 compartments for large staff (cans, chips) and 13 for small (choco bars, small snacks, condoms etc)
Art Direction: Alexey Dolgushin
Industrial design: Rafael Fakhretdinov
UX: Ilya Aleksandrov
Woodenshark LLC