The packaging is made of recyclable materials
Altos. Optimize your state of mind
Altos is a wellness device and the app designed to optimize people's brain performance by analyzing the environment around them.
CO2 and Human Brain: Scientific Research
For a long time, it has been thought that CO2 is just an indicator of air ventilation efficiency but not a direct pollutant. A few years ago, several studies performed by researchers from Harward, SUNY, and Syracuse University revealed that CO2 influences not only people's wellbeing but impairs cognitive functions, even at concentrations considered acceptable for health.
User experience
As Altos was intended to help people in their day-to-day life, it had to be as easy to use as possible. So we put a lot of work into its UX, which resulted in:
- single-button user interactions,
- powerful battery living for up to 6 months with no recharge,
- and the innovative Brain Fuel concept to convert complex air composition data into a human-readable scale of whether the air is good or not.

Industrial design
Coming from all the above-said considerations, Altos' industrial design should make it look like a stylish accessory, not a medical device. The distinguished form of the Reuleaux triangle was determined by the electronics design – we did our best to enclose all the components into a keychain-sized body so that it's easy to carry around. Picking up the colors and materials, we spoke to the users' senses of confidence and self-care.
Art Direction: Alexey Dolgushin
Industrial design: Rafael Fakhretdinov, Ian Vazhinskii
Woodenshark LLC. 2022
Photos/video by Altos